fixed beam CNC gantry machining center

———— strong power、 long-lasting quality ————

GMC fixed beam CNC gantry machining center equipped with milling, boring(drilling, expansion, hinge), tapping, countersink and other processing functions. For the different characteristic of customers, optional full closed loop optical scale detection system, tool center cooling function, ATC robot hand style, automatic workpiece measurement, tool automatic measurement, 4-axis linkage processing and other functions, customers can enjoy excellent cost-effective configuration, satisfied with the intimate products. The products specifications and configuration of the leading domestic product structure and technology is mature, product quality and stability, machine torque, fast response characteristics, suitable for automotive, mold, aerospace, packaging, hardware and other mechanical processing needs.

Nantong Narita Machinery Co., located in Gangzha City,Jiangsu City,Nantong Province,the first city in modern China.The company has beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Nantong Narita Machinery Co., a professional engaged inresearch,development, production and sales of CNC gantry machining center machine of professional enterprise.

Since thefounding of the company,always adhere to the “high-tech,high-tech businesses,high standard enterprise”business stategy,quality,efficiency and service as the sales word of the “three elements”throughout the whole process of sales.

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———— strong power、 long-lasting quality ————

  • GMC27 series

    Gantry width: 2700mm Maximum load:25000kg

  • GMC22 series

    龙门宽度:2200mm 最大承载:13000kg

  • GMC18 series

    Gantry width: 1900mm Maximum load: 9000kg

  • GMC15 series

    Gantry width: 1600mm Maximum load: 6000kg

  • GMC12 series

    Gantry width: 1200mm Maximum load: 3000kg

  • light machine of fixed beam CNC gantry machining center

    Applied in machining large mold and mold base

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———— strong power、 long-lasting quality ————

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———— strong power、 long-lasting quality ————